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Hedge Hug is a 2D narrative-driven single-player adventure game that explores low self-esteem and social anxiety issues.

Through interactive mini-games and emotional gameplay moments, the game tells the story of a caring and sensitive hedgehog, Emma, who is a ceramic artist struggling to love and trust herself. While experiencing Emma's daily struggles, players will help Emma to raise her self-esteem, confidence, and resilience, step by step.

Game Play

Hedge Hug follows an approx 40min long story arc, including a range of interactive mini-games, emotional gameplay sequences, in addition to dialogues.

There is no winning or losing in Hedge Hug, it is all about a journey of self-discovery and reflection.


  • Point & Click
  • Drag & Drop
  • Mouse Press
  • Press the "R" key to reset and reload the game from the start

For optimal in-game experiences, we recommend playing with a Windows PC machine, using a mouse. 

Stay tuned for future Mac and Mobile builds!



Played the game? We would love to hear any feedback you have about your experience. Please fill in the short form attached in the following link:




  • Mengqing “Claire” Hu (Portfolio)
    • Creative Director, Engineer, UI/UX Designer
  • Timothy Pryor
    • Producer
  • Marielle Brady
    • Gameplay Designer, User Researcher, Narrative Designer
  • Aili “Alice” Qiao (Portfolio)
    • Gameplay Designer, User Researcher
  • Elsa Liu (Portfolio)
    • Gameplay Designer
  • Shenqi "Barry" Ye (Portfolio)
    • Lead Engineer
  • Yi Dai (GitHub)
    • Engineer
  • Sze Tien "Stella" Chen (Portfolio)
    • Art Lead
  • Sakura “Rachel” Perry (LinkedIn)
    • Character Artist
  • Celine Tang
    • UI/UX Designer and Artist, Background Artist
  • Claire Barnhart (Portfolio)
    • Background Artist
  • Katy Kellenberg (LinkedIn)
    • Writer
  • Alexandria “Alex” Morales
    • Narrative Designer
  • Brett Bailey (Portfolio)
    • Composer, Sound Designer
  • Gage Tilly (Portfolio)
    • Sound Designer

Other early progress contributors:

  • Hanxiu “Hannah” Zhang - Composer
  • Naomi Shroff-Mehta - Producer
  • Jiaxuan “Olivia” Yin - Art Direction Researcher


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What an adorable game <3 
Everyone should download and play!

Very cute and soothing game. saw it while watching the USC livestream and wanted to give it a shoot. I wasn't disappointed and I thought it was relaxing. Keep up the good work!

this is the cutest game ever 😍